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Leafblade Dagger by LordWobbler Leafblade Dagger by LordWobbler
Completed at last.
A stainless steel blade from a dagger I found at a flea market, originally disfigured with dull serrations. Since no one of my friends wanted the ugly, rubber-handled thing, I kept it for years till the kinfemaking bug bit me hard.
First, the rubber was cut off and serrations were removed on a belt grinder, turning the blade into a leaf shape. Then, a copper crossguard was filed and a hollow pommel hammered out of a piece of pipe and a domed plate, soldered together. Next I fashioned a handle from laminated beechwood (taking the the quick-and-dirty superglue way), made hollow rivets from copper tube and peened them in, the purely decorative rods were driven into the rivets later.
The sheath is also beechwood (six layers of school rulers) in the same superglue technique, all wooden parts were painted black and treated with linseed oil.
The belt frog is made using the original dagger's sheath, it is fastened with another copper tube rivet and washers, can be rotated for wearing at various angles - both left and right side.

The stats: 17,5 cm (6,9 inches) blade, 28,5 cm (11,2 inches) overall, balanced at crossguard, oval handle - what the Fairbarn-Applegate dagger wanted to be when it grew up ;) Not fully sharpened at the moment for safety of handling during assembly, the edges will look better once polished.

Must make a photo with this dagger and assorted stuff like I did with my minis one of these days... and a CRPG-style bouncing cam video of me waving it around.
ToxTheErisian Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Looks realy good )) \m/
I-Charlotte-I Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
daggers are awesome.

end of story.
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